Cochrane Sweden

Cochrane Sweden is an Associate Centre to the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark. It is affiliated with the Department of Research & Development / Section for HTA Analysis, Skåne University Hospital, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University.  Currently, we receive funding from Region Skåne and Lund University

Our main aims are:

  • To introduce review authors and other contributors to Cochrane methods, and support authors based in Sweden to prepare, publish and maintain their Cochrane reviews.
  • To advocate for evidence-informed practice in Sweden, particularly through promoting access to Cochrane content and facilitating the use of Cochrane reviews to inform decision making.

We work towards a formal Swedish Cochrane Collaboration, by promoting evidence-informed health decision-making. We support and train new authors to produce Cochrane reviews and also work towards disseminating the best available information on healthcare to clinicians and patients.