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Everyone is welcome to join the Cochrane collaboration. Cochrane is a global network with 11,000 members and over 68,000 supporters who come from more than 130 countries worldwide. Our volunteers and contributors are researchers, health professionals, patients, carers, and people passionate about improving health outcomes for everyone, everywhere.  If you would like to be a part of Cochrane, you can find more information at Join Cochrane. You are also welcome to contact Cochrane Sweden, if you would like to contribute to our efforts in Sweden.

At Cochrane Sweden, we also have visiting researchers from universities who come and work with us for a short period of time. Here are a few examples of researchers who have trained with us at our Centre:

Giulia Bilamour
Giulia is a last year medical student from Italy. She is interested in neonatology and gynaecology. She spent two months at Cochrane Sweden during the summer of 2019. She has been contributing to a scoping review on reporting of harms in Cochrane reviews on screening. Giulia is planning to take part in a research project on evidence-based neonatology as well. Moreover, she did a clinical placement in the neonatal unit in Lund.

Franciszek Borys
Franciszek is a medical student from Poznan University of Medical Sciences. His interests are neonatology and evidence-based medicine. Franciszek worked at the Centre in 2019 for six weeks. He completed a systematic review on harms in Cochrane reviews on screening. Though now back to Poland, he is still preparing systematic reviews with our Centre, including a review of diagnostic studies on glucose monitoring in preterm infants.

Hanna Peterson
Hanna had recently finished her third year of medical studies at the Karolinska Institute when she joined Cochrane Sweden for a three-week internship in 2019. During her internship, she worked on a systematic review of overdiagnosis and screening. In the future, she wants to combine research with clinical work.  

Petter Brattström 
Petter was a last year medical student from Lund University when he visited our Centre in 2019. Petter wanted to gain some 'hands on experience' with systematic review work. 
He began his Cochrane experience with a four-week training period as an intern in Krems an der Donau at Cochrane Austria, where he was introduced to the methodology of systematic reviews and meta-analysis. This was part of a 20-week research project at our Centre. This resulted in Petter co-authoring two systematic reviews, one as part of his Master’s thesis. Petter was also selected to be interviewed by Cochrane on his work as part of their 30 under 30 series. Read the full interview here.

Kevin Bengtsson
Kevin is a junior medical doctor from Lund University. He did his CIM training at Cochrane Netherlands in 2018 for 3 weeks, followed by 17 weeks at our Centre. During this period, he completed a review on neonatal pain scales. The protocol is available hereHe is a co-author of an abstract to the 3rd joint European Neonatal Societies conference (September 2019, Maastricht, Netherlands).

Karl-Omar Hassan
Karl is a last year medical student from Lund University. In 2019 joined our Centre for 20 weeks. He completed an overview on postnatal interventions on transient tachypnea of the newborn. Karl is also a co-author of an ongoing Cochrane review on the same topic (transient tachypnea in newborn children). 

Sandra Nylander Vujovic 
Sandra is a last year medical student from Lund University. She is interested in evidence-based medicine and intensive care medicine. Sandra did her CIM programme in 2019 and spent four weeks in Denmark with the Cochrane Anaesthesia, Critical and Emergency Care Review Group, followed by 16 weeks at our Centre. She completed a (non-Cochane) review on early versus late 
caffeine in preterm infants.

Chiara Nava
Chiara is a junior medical doctor from Italy. She is interested in paediatrics, neonatology and evidence-based medicine. Chiara visited the Centre in 2019 for three months where she had the opportunity to work on two reviews, one of these is the Cochrane review update of Opioids for neonates receiving mechanical ventilation. During her stay, she also wrote a Students for Evidence blog on her Cochrane International Mobility experience.

    If you would like to know more about the Cochrane International Mobility Programme, then please follow us on Twitter @CochraneSweden and our hashtag #CochraneInternationalMobility. More information about how you can be part of the programme will be launched later in 2019. Please contact Dina Muscat Meng, email: if you would like to collaborate with Cochrane Sweden.