Resources: E-learning and Training

Cochrane E-Learning and Training 

Cochrane Training Website 

The main Cochrane site for training resources, for everyone interested in health evidence. It is updated with new learning material continuously, and most of the material is free for everyone to use and access.  

Cochrane Online Learning  

Cochrane’s site for all online learning material related to using, creating and understanding Cochrane Evidence and quality checked research synthesis.  

Cochrane Learning events  

Cochrane’s calendar of all of upcoming lectures, courses, workshops and webinars related to Cochrane evidence worldwide.  

Cochrane Interactive Learning  

Cochrane Interactive Learning is the main resource for learning how to make a high-quality systematic review and evaluating and summarizing health evidence according to the Cochrane methodology. It contains approximately 20-30 hours of learning depending on your knowledge level and is organized in to 11 different online modules. The first introduction module is available for everyone to access, but to be able to finish all of them your institution needs a subscription. At the moment (2020) this is available for everyone within Lund University and The Karolinska Institute. You can watch a 3 minute video about Cochrane Interactive Learning here 

The Cochrane Interactive Learning modules has been used for several years at different programs within Medical Faculties in Sweden, most notably at Lund University from PhD-level courses to the preclinical medical program. After you complete a module you will need to finish a quiz to get a certificate – which is a good tool for institutions who would like to grade the completion of the modules.  

Cochrane Evidence Essentials  

Cochrane Evidence Essentials is an introduction to Evidence Based Medicine, clinical trials and Cochrane evidence. It is designed for healthcare consumers (patients, care givers, family members), policy makers and members of the healthcare team and is free to use for everyone.  

You will be guided through the modules by the personal learning journey of ‘Eleni’, a fictional consumer. The modules are presented in the form of a story, but you are free to skip this and explore the learning in any way you choose. The learning is interactive, with things to read, film and audio, quizzes, and ways to check your learning. There are links to further resources if you wish to continue learning about a particular topic.

Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy (DTA) Online Training 

Cochrane Diagnostic Test Accuracy author training is a series of online modules which will introduce you and guide you through the process of doing a systematic review of diagnostic test accuracy studies. 

Cochrane Library Training Hub  

The Cochrane Library training hub aims to guide you through using the Cochrane Library by providing access to quick training videos, user guides and webinars. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to find quality checked health information. The Hub is free to use for everyone.  

Cochrane Common Errors in Systematic Reviews  

Cochrane Common Errors consists of five learning modules and is free to use for everyone. It is aimed for people with experience in systematic review methodology and who has an interest or is working with examining and evaluating systematic reviews. The modules are designed to help to recognize and address many of the common errors that occur as reviews are carried out.  

Involving People in Reviews  

Involving People is a free resource for systematic review authors and editors to provide support in getting people involved in the production of your reviews (including Cochrane Consumers: patients, their families and carers, as well as other members of the public; and health care teams). The resource will let you explore best practice and practical suggestions for finding and involving people throughout the review process; including useful resources, guidance documents, interviews about first hand experiences, and links to case studies and examples of good practice. 

Cochrane Knowledge Translation and Implementation of Evidence  

Knowledge Translation (KT) is the process of supporting the use of high quality health evidence to those who need it to make health decisions. This online interactive module is an introduction to the subject. If you want to explore all learning resources from Cochrane about Knowledge Translation you can access it from here 

Cochrane Editorial Essentials  

Cochrane Editorial Essentials is a portal for people intersted or involved in Cochrane editorial work to find the training materials, guidance and other information they need and is free to use for everyone. For those who are just interested or just taking up an editorial role in Cochrane, Editorial Essentials can be used as an induction tool. For those who already have experience in editorial work, it can be used to refresh their knowledge and quickly find resources. 

Systematic Reviews without Meta-analysis  

The Synthesis Without Meta-analysis (SWiM) resource provides nine items to improve the transparent reporting of synthesis of intervention effects when the synthesis does not use meta-analysis of standardised effect sizes. This learning module presents the nine reporting items through activities and examples. It includes a ‘Check your knowledge’ section, and a list of useful resources. It is free to use for everyone.  

Cochrane Journal Club 

Cochrane Journal Club is a way to get a greater understanding of knowledge synthesis, systematic reviews and insights into important Cochrane Reviews. Each Journal Club focuses on a recently published Cochrane Review and comes with a Clinical Case to help you place the review in the context of a specific scenario and discussion questions to help you think about the review methods and findings in more detail. Also, the Cochrane Review is free to access for 30 days. 

The journal club is free for everyone but is aimed at trainees, researchers, and practitioners. They highlight practice-changing findings, controversial conclusions, new methodology, evidence-based methods, and reviews from diverse health and social care topics. The Journal Club resources provide everything you need to present a relevant and interesting paper at your next journal club, or simply to explore a review in more depth on your own. 

Podcast: The Recommended Dose  

Cochrane’s podcast The Recommended Dose is based on 30-minute interviews hosted by Ray Moynihan and is produced by Cochrane Australia and co-produced with the BMJ. The podcast tackles the big questions in health and explores the insights, evidence and ideas of extraordinary researchers, thinkers, writers and health professionals from around the globe. An episode is around 30 minutes, and you can find the podcast in all places where you listen to podcasts.