Resources: Introduction to Cochrane and Evidence-based Medicine

Introduction to Cochrane, Systematic Reviews and Evidence-based Medicine

Video about Cochrane Sweden  

A 8 minute video about Cochrane and Cochrane Sweden which presents the work Cochrane has done and is aiming to do within Sweden and Scandinavia.

Video about Systematic Reviews  

3 minute video about Systematic Reviews from Cochrane. What are they, why are they considered high quality evidence and what are they used for?

Flipbook from Wiley about Cochrane Library  

An easy to read e-book introducing the Cochrane Library and how you can search and find evidence in form of Cochrane Systematic Reviews.

Testing Treatments  

Testing Treatments is a free e-book available in several languages that in an engaging and easy way explores medical research, and especially explores where medical research can go wrong. This book can be recommended to everyone interested in medical research but has also been widely used in teaching of medical, nurse and health-students across the world. You can read Ben Goldacre’s forword here as an introduction to the book.

BMJ Article: What is EBM?  

A great introduction to Evidence-based Medicine which recommends and discusses 10 different articles which are argued to be essential to developing and understanding the use of evidence in healthcare.

SBU Video: Evidens  

An 8 minute video by SBU in Swedish about understanding the meaning and content of a Systematic Review.

SBU Video: Systematisk litteraturöversikt  

A short 3 minute video by SBU in Swedish about the 6 steps used by SBU to create a systematic review.

Karolinska Institutet Introduction to Systematic Reviews

The introduction to systematic reviews by Karolinska Institutet contains easy to understand material which answers the question "What is a systematic Review?", "How does a systematic review differ from other reviews" and "How do you search for literature in a systematic way?". 

Lund University guide to Evidence-based Medicine  

A collection of Evidence-based Medicine resources and guides created by Lund University aimed at introducing EBM to students.

Lund University Tools for Systematic Reviews  

Lund University Tools for systematic reviews created by Lund University aimed at everyone aiming to do a systematic review.