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Knowledge Translation  

Knowledge Translation (KT) is the process of supporting the use of high quality health evidence to those who need it to make health decisions. This guidance presents all learning resources from Cochrane about Knowledge Translation and Implementation guidance – including recorded lectures, webinars, online modules, documents as well as external resources. 


Cochrane Geographic Groups 

If you are looking for information about Cochrane Geographic Group who creates, facilitates or teaches about Cochrane resources and methodologies within different countries or geographic regions, you will be able to find them with these lists.  


If you are looking for information about specific Cochrane Review Groups who produces and disseminates Cochrane reviews in a specific area or topic, you will be able to find them with these lists.  


Cochrane Journal Club  

Cochrane Journal Club is a way to get a greater understanding of knowledge synthesis, systematic reviews and insights into important Cochrane Reviews. Each Journal Club focuses on a recently published Cochrane Review and comes with a Clinical Case to help you place the review in the context of a specific scenario and discussion questions to help you think about the review methods and findings in more detail. Also, the Cochrane Review is free to access for 30 days. 

The journal club is free for everyone but is aimed at trainees, researchers, and practitioners. They highlight practice-changing findings, controversial conclusions, new methodology, evidence-based methods, and reviews from diverse health and social care topics. The Journal Club resources provide everything you need to present a relevant and interesting paper at your next journal club, or simply to explore a review in more depth on your own. 


Cochrane Students 

Cochrane Students-page contains everything you need to know as a student to explore all of Cochrane's content, learn about evidence and systematic reviews. The page also summarizes differnt ways to get involved and help out with different tasks or volonteer on projects. It also opens the possibility to connect with like-minded people who are passionate about evidence-based practice.


Cochrane Patient and Carers 

Cochrane Patient and Carers-page contains everything you need to know as a healthcare consumer to explore all of Cochrane's content, learn about evidence but also presents options to help out and volonteer to make reserach and evidence even better. 


Cochrane Early-Career Professional Group  

Cochrane Early-Career Professional Group aims to provide its members opportunities to enhance their knowledge, skills, and expertise by providing a platform for international networking with early career professionals or other members in the Cochrane community. We aim to focus on the development of leadership skills for the early career members of the Cochrane community and encourage active involvement of the Early Career Professionals in shaping the mission and vision of the Cochrane community. 


Podcast: The Recommended Dose 

Cochrane’s podcast The Recommended Dose is based on 30-minute interviews hosted by Ray Moynihan and is produced by Cochrane Australia and co-produced with the BMJ. The podcast tackles the big questions in health and explores the insights, evidence and ideas of extraordinary researchers, thinkers, writers and health professionals from around the globe. An episode is around 30 minutes, and you can find the podcast in all places where you listen to podcasts. 


Podcast: Hjärta och Hjärna URPLAY 

Hjärta och Hjärna is a free and popular podcast in Swedish, produced by Sveriges Utbildningsradio (UR) which is publicly funded and aims to provide education for all Swedish citizens. The podcast examines popular health-claims and try to figure out if they are true, still uncertain, or false. For example – what stuff in your bathroom cabinet is actually working the way you think and how confident can we be about the claims by manufacturers?   



Podcast: The Recovery - Voices of change towards sustainable healthcare 

The Recovery is a free podcast in English with six episodes, and is co-produced by Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare and the BMJ. In this podcast series, we will explore the many challenges facing the sustainability of healthcare and talk to extraordinary healthcare researchers, doctors, and activists from around the world, who are pushing for a shift towards a new paradigm to improve our health, well-being, and climate. 


Cochrane Response  

Cochrane Response, the new evidence consultancy initiative from Cochrane. The aim is to increase Cochrane’s capacity to respond to requests for commissioned evidence reviews. The initiative provides tailored and responsive evidence services, and accessible review formats for healthcare commissioners on a fee-for-service basis. 


Cochrane Consumer Network
The Cochrane Consumer Network is a large and growing community of over 1,750 people in 79 countries across the world. The Cochrane Consumer Network is open to any patients, carers, family members and others who are interested in high-quality health evidence. Cochrane uses the term consumers to represent patients, carers and family members with first-hand experience of a healthcare condition. As a Cochrane consumer, you can play a vital role within Cochrane, providing a non-clinical perspective on the health evidence presented in Cochrane reviews and also be able to help to produce Cochrane Evidence. It is free to join, and is also a way to keep up to date with reliable health evidence from Cochrane.