Scandinavian GRADE Network Launch - Digital





Launch of the Scandinavian GRADE Network: One-hour digital event

13 October 2022, 10 AM CEST: Online presentation of the recently established Scandinavian GRADE Network.

Everyone is welcome to attend and pose questions, especially those interested in GRADE and based in Scandinavia.

The event will be held in English and last one hour.

Free registration at this link, within 30 September 2022.


More information about the Scandinavian GRADE Network

The intention of the Scandinavian GRADE Network is for this to be an inclusive network, to support sharing of ideas, processes and resources to enhance use of GRADE for systematic reviews, health technology assessments and guidelines in Scandinavia.

The aim of the Network is to bring together and support researchers, policymakers, methodologists and those involved in training in the use of GRADE for systematic reviews and guidelines. The Network also aims to build capacity and enhance the use of GRADE methodology within Scandinavia.

 The Network is jointly led and managed by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Danish Health Authority, Region Stockholm HTA, Swedish Agency for Health Technology Assessment and Assessment of Social Services - SBU, Cochrane Norway, Cochrane Denmark and Cochrane Sweden.


Schedule (10-11h00):

  • Why we are launching a Scandinavian GRADE Network
  • Input from the Co-chair of the GRADE Working Group, Holger Sch√ľnemann
  • Provisional aims of the Scandinavian GRADE Network
  • What should the Network focus on? Small group discussion followed by sharing of ideas in the plenary
  • Summary of the meeting, next steps and close