Cochrane Sweden celebrates 2nd anniversary!

Today, we are celebrating our second anniversary as a Cochrane centre.  Our Centre was established on the 16th May 2017 and is located in the city of Lund. It is affiliated with the Department of Research & Development / Section for HTA Analysis, Skåne University Hospital, in collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University and with the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Copenhagen led by Karsten Juhl Jørgensen.
Over the last two years, Cochrane Sweden has been busy promoting evidence-based decision making in healthcare in Sweden. Some accomplishments, so far, have been providing learning tools on how to conduct, edit and read systematic reviews. This has led to Cochrane Interactive Learning becoming a part of the curriculum at the Medical Faculty at Lund University. We are also actively working with key stakeholders across Sweden to assist in the use of Cochrane reviews in research and practice. Matteo Bruschettini along with his colleague Minna Johansson, and in collaboration with Cochrane Norway and Cochrane Nordic, are touring the country giving talks at conferences and hosting workshops and seminars about Cochrane.

Director Matteo Bruschettini speaking at the Occupational Medicine Conference in Linköping, Sweden about the Cochrane collaboration.

More recently, Matteo and the Communications Consultant at Cochrane Sweden, Dina Muscat Meng, spearheaded an initiative to support anyone interested in learning about our efforts at Cochrane to have the opportunity to participate in an international exchange programme, which is named The Cochrane International Mobility Programme. So far, the Centre has already arranged 5 exchange experiences for people interested in learning more about Cochrane evidence at Cochrane Sweden with other centres and groups in Cochrane.

In the picture above: Petter Brattström from Lund University visiting Cochrane Austria and learning about Cochrane methodology for his master thesis in neonatology.

Matteo Bruschettini explains, “Two years ago, we could not expect such a positive and immediate response to the establishment of a Cochrane Centre in Sweden. Despite a huge delay compared to the other Scandinavian countries and the lack of a national subscription to the Cochrane Library, our workshops and courses are attended by so many enthusiastic people. Moreover, we’re working at full speed, with junior and senior researchers visiting our Centre and contributing to relevant studies (a few to be published in 2019). We’re very grateful to Professor Ingemar Petersson, Head of Research at the University Hospital in Lund, for his wise and generous support. In addition, we aim to further expand the successful and strategic collaboration with the Cochrane Centres in Norway and Denmark and to facilitate the launch of a new Cochrane Field in Sweden."

A visual presentation about Cochrane Sweden