Electing four new Cochrane Board members

Shape the future of Cochrane
Over the next few weeks, four new members will be elected to Cochrane’s Governing Board. The Board consists of 13 people, most of whom, are themselves Cochrane members who actively contribute to the work of Cochrane (for example as authors, editors, center directors). They are chosen by other Cochrane members. Some of the Board members are external persons who are appointed by the Board. Any Cochrane member may stand for the election.
The Board is responsible for directing the development and implementation of Cochrane's strategic direction and oversees the work of the Cochrane Chief Executive and the Central Executive Team.
From November 22nd to December 10th (1.00 pm) all Cochrane members can participate in this election. In order to be able to vote, it is necessary that your member account is activated. An Archie account alone does not entitle you to vote.
Please check at www.join.cochrane.org/your-membership if your membership account is activated. If not, you can create an account here.
You can find further information on the upcoming election here: www.elections.cochrane.org
Petition for the future direction of Cochrane
Together with other Cochrane members, we at Cochrane Sweden also consider the following four points as essential to the future of the Cochrane Collaboration:
  • more opportunity for discussion within Cochrane
  • refocusing on the heart of Cochrane - the Cochrane Reviews
  • stronger membership involvement
  • further development of the business model toward open access for Cochrane Reviews
You will find a detailed description of these points at https://cochranemembers.org/.
Please sign this Petition, if you also consider these topics important.