Our Team

Matteo Bruschettini, Director

Matteo Bruschettini is the Director of Cochrane Sweden. Matteo is a physician and an Associate Professor of Pediatrics. He is also a specialist in Neonatology, which is his main research area. 
He has contributed to the Cochrane Collaboration since 2011 and is also a Cochrane trainer. Matteo has published more than 80 scientific papers, including 25 systematic Cochrane reviews. 
According to Google Scholar, his work has been cited more than 2,200 times and his h-factor is 28. Link to Scopus

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Minna Johansson, Researcher

Minna Johansson joined us in 2018. Her research interests include methodological aspects of evaluating benefits and harms, shared decision making, overdiagnosis and how values and context can be integrated in evidence-based medicine. Apart from her work at Cochrane Sweden, she is also the director of Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare and also works halftime as a general practitioner in Uddevalla. Link to Scopus

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Martin Ringsten, Project Coordinator

Martin joined us in 2020 and works as a Project Coordinator and researcher at Cochrane Sweden. Apart from being responsible for starting up and conducting different projects  at Cochrane Sweden, Martin is also a lecturer, course leader and PhD-student at the Faculty of Medicine at Lund University. 

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Dina Muscat Meng, Communications Consultant

Dina works as a Communications Consultant at Cochrane Denmark. Dina is based in Copenhagen. She is also responsible for developing and coordinating communication and Knowledge Translation for Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare. 

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Katarina Persson, Administration

Katarina joined Cochrane Sweden in 2020. She is brilliantly delivering administrative support to our activities and contributing to develope new projects. Katarina is also the webmaster of this website. She is always kind and positive. She shares with Matteo a strong interest in sporty cars.

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