Our services

What services do we offer? 

Drawing on our expertise at Cochrane Sweden as well as Cochrane’s extensive network an experience and expertise, Cochrane Sweden offers a range of systematic review services that we can tailor to specific needs. 

  • We provide accessible and customised evidence synthesis by production or co-production of systematic reviews and overviews of systematic reviews - of both of clinical and pre-clinical studies. 
  • We offer comprehensive, task-based systematic review services by methodology support including methods used in evidence synthesis, both basic and advanced. 
  • We offer and provide support to PhD students including systematic reviews in the doctoral thesis.
  • We offer support for critical appraisal with risk of bias-instruments and support with judging the certainty of evidence using the GRADE framework.
  • We offer technical support for your evidence projects, including support for Covidence, RevMan 5 and RevMan Web. 
  • We provide project management services for large, multiple systematic review projects.

If you want to know more about our services, feel free to reach out to us for further discussion. You can contact here Matteo Bruschettini, director of Cochrane Sweden, here.