Welcome Minna Johansson to Cochrane Sweden!

Earlier this spring, we announced a part-time position at Cochrane Sweden.

Cochrane Sweden is delighted to announce that Minna Johansson, active in promoting Cochrane in our country since the very beginning, has been offered and said yes to this position!

She will start working with us on the 1st of September, 2018.

Here is how Minna Johansson present herself:

My name is Minna Johansson and the 1st of September I will start working half time for Cochrane Sweden. I live in Uddevalla on the Swedish west coast where I work half time as a general practitioner at Herrestads health care centre. The other half time I currently spend on finishing my thesis; my dissertation is planned for August 2018 at the University of Gothenburg.

My current research topics include methodological difficulties when evaluating benefits and harms of screening when data from randomised trials is lacking, informed choice/shared decision-making, and overdiagnosis/too much medicine. I am first author of a Cochrane review on screening for malignant melanoma. Future research interests include topics related to inclusion of non-randomised studies in Cochrane reviews, open data, and how to integrate values and context in evidence-based practice.

Many Swedish researchers and organisations contribute substantially to the progress of evidence-based medicine both nationally and internationally. I believe that Cochrane Sweden will add to this development and I am delighted by what Cochrane Sweden has accomplished during the first year. The combined effort from so many skilled and engaged people all over Sweden is indeed impressive and I am much looking forward to take a more active part.

Please feel free to contact me on mail (minna.johansson@vgregion.se) or phone (0733-106170).

See the CV.