Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare

Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare was registered as a new Cochrane Field in December 2019. We are located at Cochrane Sweden under the leadership of Minna Johansson. We are part of the Cochrane global community, which aims to make evidence accessible and useful to everybody, everywhere in the world. Cochrane is a network of researchers, healthcare professionals, patients, carers and people passionate about improving health outcomes for everyone.

At Cochrane Sustainable Healthcare, we advocate and promote the use of evidence to ensure a more sustainable approach to healthcare. Overuse of medical diagnostics and treatments threaten the health of individuals and the sustainability of health systems in many countries. Unnecessary tests, treatments and diagnoses bring direct harms to people through adverse effects of interventions, psychosocial impacts of labelling, and overwhelming treatment burden. Medical excess also consumes scarce resources leading to underdiagnosis and underuse in other areas, indirectly harming patients. The idea underpinning our work is that tackling the crisis of medical excess, can reduce harm and wind back waste, making our health systems more sustainable.